What is Infinity Stage?

Infinity Stage is a competitive arcade music game tournament featuring individual events for today’s most popular titles, such as DanceDanceRevolution, beatmania IIDX, Sound Voltex, and more! We are also excited to be collaborating with SF EVOLVED, Valkyrie Dimension, and Freestyle Takeover to present a truly one-of-a-kind weekend for music gamers.


How can I register to compete?

All registrations are being handled online through our event page at smash.gg.

Can you add a tournament for x game?

We have carefully deliberated over the final list of games to be included in the event and will not be adding any more this year.

Will there be streaming options available?

At this time, details are being discussed regarding streaming of individual events, but we are aiming to broadcast as much of the weekend as possible. Stay tuned for announcements!


How are qualifiers being handled for Infinity Stage?

We are going to be running remote qualifiers for every game in the weeks leading up to the event. The exact date, as well as the qualifying songs for each game, will be announced soon through our social media accounts.

Can I qualify in person? What if I don’t live near a Round 1, or the local machines are in poor shape?

In the interest of keeping the event weekend as streamlined as possible and maximizing everybody’s time, we are strongly encouraging remote qualifiers. If circumstances prevent any reasonable way to participate in remote qualifiers but you still wish to enter, arrangements can be made to perform your qualifiers in person with Infinity Stage staff. Please note that under these circumstances, we may request your attendance in advance of the event and only limited chances at playing will be given.


I don’t plan on entering any games but wish to spectate at the event. Do I still need to register?

In order to avoid overcrowding or other inconveniences to our host facility, we are asking that anyone who wishes to attend in a non-competitive capacity register with a $5 Spectator Fee through our smash.gg site. Volunteer organizers are not subject to this fee (see below).

What is the Spectator Fee being used for?

All Spectator Fee payments will go directly into the INFINITY CUP overall winnings pot.

Can I be a Tournament Organizer (TO) or otherwise assist in running the event?

While we already have our primary TO staff accounted for, we are open to bringing in others as assistant TOs or general staff with the following guidelines:

  • Staff are not eligible for entry into any tournaments (excluding Valkyrie Dimension and Freestyle Takeover events)
  • Staff must be available for at least 8 hours each on both Saturday and Sunday
  • Staff are not to consume alcohol during competition hours

Interested parties may contact us at infinitystagesj@gmail.com for more info!

Can minors register to enter?

All Infinity Stage events will be run in accordance with Round 1’s house rules, which prohibit minors on the premises without a guardian after 10PM and anybody under 21 without a guardian after 12AM. Because of the possibility of our event running past these late hours, anybody under the age of 21 who wishes to register must be accompanied by a parent or guardian over the age of 25 at all times.

I have a serious concern about x person entering due to personal circumstances or prior events, but still wish to attend. Can anything be done?

All of the staff at Infinity Stage take issues regarding our guests and participants very seriously. Our number one goal is to provide a fun, safe, and welcoming atmosphere for all arcade and music game fans across the country. We will not hesitate to take action in the form of restrictions or bans if we feel that any individuals violate this core tenet or have directly broken our Code of Conduct through past behavior. Anybody with a serious concern is encouraged to contact us through email, or by messaging one of our moderators through our Discord server.


What are the prize pools for each individual tournament?

Every game has an entry fee, and 100% of this fee goes into the winnings pot for that individual game. The winnings will be given to the top 3 players in a 60/30/10 split.

Are there any non-monetary prizes being awarded?

Currently, there is only a cash winnings pot planned for each game. This may change as we get closer to the event weekend, so stay tuned!