DDR Technical Rules

Tournament Organizers

Roger Clark (RGRCLRK) – @rogerclark rogerclark@gmail.com

Event Date: Saturday, August 10 and Sunday, August 11

Registration: $20 venue fee + $10 for the tournament (for prize pot)

Tournament Time: 11:00am PDT to 10:00pm PDT (Saturday), 11:00am PDT to 3:00pm PDT (Sunday)

Location: Round 1 – Eastridge Mall

Address: 2200 Eastridge Loop, San Jose, CA 95122


Rules may be subject to change depending on number of tournament participants, game hardware/software configuration and other factors. For any questions, please consult Infinity Stage through Twitter or Facebook.


The format of the tournament is largely taken from The Big Deal: 3D in the Dallas, TX area. The “Pocket Pick” mechanic was taken from Mistake on the Lake 2 in the Cleveland, OH area. Thanks to EvilDave and ranatalus for their hard work creating great tournament rule sets.

Machine Usage

Round1 San Jose will have four DanceDanceRevolution machines:

  • DanceDanceRevolution A20 (20th Anniversary “Gold cab”)
  • DanceDanceRevolution A (UNIANA White “K-cab”) [Primary]
  • DanceDanceRevolution A (Original White “J-cab”) [Secondary]
  • DDR SuperNOVA 2

As of 5/19, the Upper Division tournament will be held on the two “white cabs” only, with the DDR A20 and SuperNOVA2 machines usable for warmup. The tournament Twitch stream and Top 16 bracket will be run from the primary “white cab”. We may consider the use of the “Gold Cab” as the primary machine based on hardware performance and player feedback.


The qualifying round will be held remotely. All players must have paid for the event and tournament registration through the Infinity Stage smash.gg page. Scores from unregistered players will be rejected.

Please submit your qualifier information here: DDR Qualifier Submission Form


  • High School Love (Expert 13)
  • Pierce the Sky (Expert 14)
  • Horatio (Expert 15 — NOT Challenge)

Qualifiers must be finalized by 3AM Pacific Time / 6AM Eastern Time on Friday August 9. Pools will be announced later that day and will be locked upon announcement.

Qualifier scores will be automatically retrieved from the e-Amusement system every 24 hours. The player’s best “machine score” or “money score” (NOT “EX score”) for each song will be added together to yield a total qualifying result. There are no restrictions on the number of times the songs may be played. The final score update will occur on the morning of August 9. During the retrieval process, if a song has not been played, a zero score for that song will be used. The automatic qualifier rankings will not be visible to participants or the public.

The player’s e-Amusement play data must be set as public in order for the qualifier retrieval system to work. This is the default setting. If you do not wish to change your score visibility settings, email photos of your qualifier scores to rogerclark@gmail.com with the subject “Infinity Stage”. We will attempt to contact any players whose visibility settings have been set as private.


Schedule is subject to change.

Saturday 8/10

11AM – 3PM Lower Division bracket
3PM – 5PM Upper Division Pools A and B
5PM – 7PM Upper Division Pools C and D
7PM – 9PM Upper Division Pools E and F
9PM – 11PM Upper Division Pools G and H

Sunday 8/11

12AM – 4PM Upper Division Top 16

Division Split (Upper/Lower)

The tournament will be divided into an Upper Division and Lower Division depending on the number of participants. The split will be as follows, for various number of entrants:

Less than 40 players Bottom 8 in Lower, remaining placed in Upper
40-49 players Top 32 in Upper, remaining 8-17 in Lower
50-59 players Top 40 in Upper, remaining 10-23 in Lower
60-69 players Top 48 in Upper, remaining 12-25 in Lower
70-79 players Top 56 in Upper, remaining 14-27 in Lower
80-89 players Top 64 in Upper, remaining 16-29 in Lower
90-99 players Top 72 in Upper, remaining 18-31 in Lower
100-119 players Top 80 in Upper, all remaining in Lower
120-139 players Top 88 in Upper, all remaining in Lower
140+ players Top 96 in Upper, all remaining in Lower

Card Draw

Song selection will follow a “card draw” format, using a randomizer similar to https://ddrdraw.surge.sh/. The weight distribution for each difficulty level will change each round.

Upper Division


The initial stage of the tournament will consist of “pools”: small sub-tournaments to organize play times and expedite progress toward Top 16.

The first two rounds of each pool will be single elimination, where the winner of each match is decided by the highest combined EX Score over the two songs played. In the event of a tie, songs will be drawn until one player wins.

Top 4 and onward for each pool will be double elimination, where the winner of each match is decided “best 2 of 3” (“first to 2”), and the winner of each song is decided by the highest EX Score on the song. In the event of a tie, neither player is awarded a point, and songs will be drawn until one player wins at least 2 songs.

1st place from each pool will advance to the Top 16 Winners Bracket. 2nd place from each pool will advance to the Top 16 Losers Bracket.

Top 16

At the beginning of Top 16, players will choose a “Pocket Pick” song from Levels 15-19. This song can be used once in the following manner: during a match card draw, after songs are drawn but before songs have been eliminated, a player may opt to replace one of the drawn songs with the “Pocket Pick”. The player using the “Pocket Pick” automatically uses their “Protect” for the round on this song. The “Pocket Pick” can be used if the song is already in the draw (to prevent it from being removed by the other player’s Pocket Pick). The lower seed must declare their intention to use their Pocket Pick after seeing the draw, but before the higher seed declares their intention to use their Pocket Pick. If both players use their Pocket Pick, the higher seed cannot remove the lower seed’s Pocket Pick.

At the start of each match, players will decide on the following:

  • Choice of 1P or 2P side
  • Choice of first veto or second veto during song draw.
  • Choice of first protect or second protect during song draw.

The higher seed will have first selection of these options. The lower seed will get their choice of remaining options, and the higher seed will have the remaining third option (if necessary).

Round Match Format # of Songs Drawn
Initial Pool Play Total EX (2 songs) 4 songs
Pool Play Top 4 Best 2 of 3 (First to 2) 5 songs
Top 16 Best 2 of 3 (First to 2) 5 songs
Winners/Losers/Final Best 3 of 5 (First to 3) 7 Songs

Difficulties and Weights

Upper Division begins at Level 14. Levels 18-19 will debut in the Top 16 bracket.

Round Levels and Weights
Initial Pool Play 14 (25%) – 15 (25%) – 16 (25%) – 17 (25%)
Pool Play Top 4 14 (15%) – 15 (30%) – 16 (30%) – 17 (25%)
Top 16 14 (5%) – 15 (20%) – 16 (25%) – 17 (25%) – 18 (20%) – 19 (5%)
Top 8 15 (5%) – 16 (30%) – 17 (30%) – 18 (30%) – 19 (5%)
Winners/Losers/Final 16 (20%) – 17 (35%) – 18 (35%) – 19 (10%)


Tiebreakers will be 3 songs drawn using the same weighted distribution as the match. The player who vetoed second in the original draw will eliminate first in the tiebreaker draw. In the event of multiple tiebreakers, veto order will alternate until a winner is decided.


1st Place – 50% of pot and 1st Place trophy

2nd Place – 35% of pot and 2nd Place trophy

3rd Place – 15% of pot and 3rd Place trophy

Additionally, 4th-8th Places will have their Infinity Stage and DDR tournament entry fees returned.

Lower Division


Lower Division tournament structure will be finalized halfway between registration opening and tournament date. We need more information about the total number of participants to make the Lower Division as enjoyable as possible.


1st, 2nd, and 3rd Places will receive medals. Other prizes will be contributed by donations and sponsors. 1st-4th Places will have their Infinity Stage and DDR tournament entry fees returned.

Round1 Policies

Shirts and shoes are required at all times. Alcohol is not permitted in the play area. After the Eastridge Shopping Center closes at 9PM, outside food and drinks are not allowed inside Round1.

No substances (baby powder) should be applied directly to the stage other than cleaning solutions by Round1 or Infinity Stage staff. If you wish to use any substance (baby powder), you may apply it to your shoes while off the stage on a rug which will be designated for this purpose. Please be considerate of other players, other play styles and Round1 staff. Use only the minimum amount necessary. You are expected to clean up any debris.

Round1 and Infinity Stage staff can remove players from the tournament at their discretion for any reason. These reasons include, but are not limited to: Code of Conduct violation, visible intoxication, property damage, violence or any other inappropriate behavior. Any offenders will be immediately disqualified and required to leave the venue with no refund.