Dance Rush Freestyle Rules

Dance Rush STARDOM Freestyle Tournament Rules (ver 1.2)

for Freestyle Takeover: Night in Motion 8/9/19


Each competitor will perform a routine to one song which must be disclosed to the tournament organizers prior to the beginning of the tournament. (This will be done onsite.) Once the tournament begins, the competitor will not be allowed to change their selection. Performing to a different song will result in a disqualification.


All performances will be judged by a panel consisting of 3-5 members who will be announced prior to the tournament. Each judge will grade the performances based on the following three criteria: Creativity, charisma/showmanship, and execution.


  • Creativity: How unique is the performer and their choreography? How much thought did they put into the routine? Did they incorporate musicality and make good use of the song? Did they take risks? (30 points maximum)
  • Charisma: Does the performer connect with the audience & elicit a reaction? Do they face the machine or the crowd more predominantly? Do they project personality with more than just their movement? (30 points maximum)
  • Execution: How cleanly does the performer hit their moves? Are they on beat? Are they fully extending themselves in their choreo and showing high effort? Are they making good use of holds, jumps and down cues? (30 points maximum)


Lastly, the performer’s game score, per the game’s results screen, will be factored into each judge’s scorecard. Each judge will take the performer’s in-game score and apply the formula (x – 50)*2/10, where (x) is the performer’s score. Example: 100% = 10 points, 95% = 9 points, 90% = 8, etc. (10 points maximum.)


All judges’ scorecards will be tallied together and the competitor with the highest overall score will be declared the winner of the competition.


All judges’ decisions are final and are not subject to protest unless there is proof a clerical error was made. Final tallies will be available per request after the competition.


All performances must adhere to general guidelines of decency. Keep it PG, maybe PG-13. (If the material/tone of the performance wouldn’t be allowed on an episode of The Simpsons, you might want to rethink your idea.)


If a competitor intends to use props for their performance, they must be cleared with the tournament staff before the day of competition. The use of unsanctioned props will result in an arbitrary judgment penalty and/or disqualification.


Violent/egregious contract with the cabinet is strictly forbidden. Doing such will result in a disqualification and potential liability towards the offending party for damages inflicted.


All competitors who register are bound to the general code of conduct of Infinity Stage. Harassment, callouts, and unwanted interactions with the audience and other players are strictly forbidden and will result in a disqualification and possible ban from future events. If, for any reason you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, please notify a Freestyle Takeover staff member immediately.


Rules are subject to change at the discretion of the tournament organizers.