Dance Dance Revolution

DanceDanceRevolution is the main event at Infinity Stage. DDR is Konami’s most famous music game, known worldwide for its simple but challenging combination of physical exercise, rhythmic gameplay and energetic dance music. With a growing competitive scene, DanceDanceRevolution is taking its rightful place in the world of esports — a category some might say it singlehandedly created.

Round1 San Jose is the preferred arcade of 2017 DDR World Champion Chris “CHRS4LFE” Chike.

Infinity Stage is hosting four DanceDanceRevolution events:

  • Valkyrie Ascension Women’s Tournament
  • Upper Division Technical Tournament
  • Lower Division Technical Tournament
  • Freestyle Tournament
Valkyrie Ascension
11:00AM PDT

With a starting prize pool of $600, Valkyrie Ascension will test each woman's strength, skill, and endurance, and showcasing each individual's talents in dance games. Trophies and other prizes will be announced in the coming weeks.

9:30PM PDT

The freestyle main event of the evening will be a one performance round tournament on none other than DDR A20. Step up, shine bright, and show us your performance!

Lower Division
11:00AM PDT
Upper Division
4:00PM PDT
DDR Finals
11:00AM PDT

Event Details

August 9, 2019 11:00 am
2200 Eastridge Loop #2094, San Jose, CA 95122


Ann Nakamura, Sarah Kilpatrick, Roger Clark, James Gowdey, Mel Baltazar, John Sydiongco, Paolo Sambrano, Ryan Godinez