GITADORA:Drummania Rules

  • Tournament Format: Double-Elimination Single Tournament
  • Match Format: PROTECT-VETO Card Draw, Best Two-out-of-Three
  • Player Limit: No Limit
  • Scoring System: EX Score (Perfect – 2 Points Each, Great – 1 Point Each)
  • Banned Mods: AUTO Mods, Mirror
  • Qualifier Form is Located Here




  • The GITADORA: Drummania tournament will be a seeded tournament with seeding positions determined by the combined EX scores of the three qualifier songs.
  • EX score will be defined as the combined amounts of PERFECTS and GREATS in a song, where each PERFECT is worth two points and each GREAT is worth one point.
  • On July 6th, 2019, the three qualifier songs will be announced and players will have one month to score as high as they can on all three qualifier songs.
  • For the qualifier songs, the player can play any of the four difficulties: Basic, Advanced, Extreme or Master.
  • Only one chart for each song will count for your combined EX score.
  • It is up to the player to decide which difficulty for each song will give them the highest EX score.
  • The deadline to submit scores is August 9th, 2019 @ 3:00 AM PST. To submit scores, players must take a clear photo of the results screen with their player name and score visible and fill out the qualifier form.




  • On the day of the tournament, the final bracket will be revealed.
  • At the beginning of each match-up, the higher seeded player will choose whether to determine protect order, veto order, or Player Turn Order first.
  • The lower seed player will decide on one of the two remaining options
  • The high seed player will decide on the last option
  • Each match will be best two-out-of-three using the PROTECT-VETO Card Draw format.
  • Five songs will be drawn at random and players will decide in order:
    • Protected songs – each player will choose a song to keep for the match
    • Vetoed songs – each player will choose to eliminate a song from the match
  • The last remaining song will be played
  • Song order will go: High Seed protect, Lower Seed protect, Leftover song
  • Players will then alternate plays for each song until a player has won two out of three songs.
  • In case of a tie, an additional song will be chosen at random and the player who scores higher on that song will continue on to the next round. In case of subsequent ties, this will continue until there is a winner.




Each round in the tournament will have a specified range of levels from which songs can be chosen. The rounds and level ranges are as follows:


Round Winner’s Bracket Loser’s Bracket
1  4.00-6.00 4.00-5.00
2 5.00-7.00 4.00-6.00
3 6.00-8.00 5.00-7.00
4 7.00-8.50 6.00-8.00
5+ 8.00+ 7.00-8.50
Grand Finals 8.50+ 8.00+


NOTE: Level Ranges and total number of rounds are subject to change depending on the number of entrants on tournament day.




Due to the introduction of Deluxe Mode in Matixx, a significant number of songs have been made inaccessible to GITADORA players in the United States.


To make this tournament as fair as possible to everyone, the following songs will be banned:

  • songs that can only be played in Deluxe Mode
  • long songs
  • encore songs from Matixx and Exchain
  • classic charts
  • songs where you must play another BEMANI game to unlock


For a complete list of songs banned from the tournament, see here: BANNED SONG LIST




Grand finals will continue with the Protect-Veto Card Draw format.


If the player on the winner’s side of the bracket wins the first set, that player will be declared champion.


If the player on the loser’s side wins the first set, the bracket resets and another set will take place. The winner of the second set will be declared the champion of the GITADORA: Drummania tournament at Infinity Stage.