All dates and times are subject to change and will be finalized in the coming weeks based on registration.

August 9

Valkyrie Ascension

Women’s Dance Dance Revolution Tournament

Dance Rush Stardom Freestyle

Freestyle Division

Dance Dance Revolution Freestyle

Freestyle Division for DDR

August 10

Dance Dance Revolution

Lower and Upper divisions for DDR


Upper and lower technical divisions for PIU

IIDX Rootage

Technical division for IIDX

Sound Voltex Vivid Wave

Technical division for Sound Voltex

Gitadora – DrumMania

DrumMania tournament for Gitadora

August 11

Dance Dance Revolution Finals

Final rounds for DDR technical upper division

IIDX Finals

Final rounds for IIDX technical division

Gitadora – GuitarFreaks

GuitarFreaks tournament for Gitadora

Groove Coaster

Groovecoaster 4ex: Infinity Highway tournament