SDVX Rules

This ruleset only applies to the “Sound Voltex Vivid Wave” tournament and does not reflect the rules of any other tournament within “Infinity Stage”. This ruleset is not final or absolute, and changes/clarifications can be made at the discretion of the Tournament Organizers. For information on “Infinity Stage” and the other tournaments taking place, visit


This tournament will be open to players of all experience levels, with no distinct skill divisions unless participation allows. Only one player will be declared champion of this tournament, but all players will still receive points towards the overall competition within “Infinity Stage” and participation in all tournaments is encouraged.

Infinity Stage Schedule: August 10th, 2019 – 1:00pm PDT

Infinity Stage Discord: Click Here to Join the ISSJ Discord

Tournament Organizers:  

  • Mattie “Spiritsnare” Bulotano
  • Jessica “Chibi” Brophy

Tournament Format and Rules

The tournament will proceed with 1-on-1, best-of-three card draw sets in a double elimination bracket up until the final round.


Banned Songs

All songs and charts are eligible, with the exception of songs that must be unlocked through Policy Breaks or cross-game events. (For example, since you can purchase Havox and Insecticide using in-game currency, those songs are eligible; however, songs such as Monolith and НУМЛ that require you to unlock them through cross-game events are banned.) Songs from future updates will be included in the tournament up until the first week of July to allow players to familiarize themselves with the possible song selection. All songs and charts, regardless of unlock conditions, are eligible during The Final Round unless otherwise specified.



You must be registered on to be able to qualify.

Submit your qualifiers here: SDVX Qualifier Submission Form

Entrants can submit their qualifier scores remotely, but must be played on official eAmusement cabinets. Entrants can play the qualifiers in any order, but must all be done within the same set. (You may not use an EXTrack, if you obtain one, to play a qualifier song.) To remotely qualify, entrants must send clear photos of each song’s results screen from the set with the full detailed results displayed, as well as the overall set’s results screen as proof of record. If entrants are unable to clear enough songs to complete the entire set (due to Light Start limitations), coordination should be made with the Tournament Organizers for best attempts at each song to be considered. Remote qualifiers will run until Friday, 1:30am Pacific Daylight Time. If entrants are unable to qualify remotely, on-site qualifiers will be available on Friday from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM on Friday, August 9. Entrants who are unable to qualify remotely or during the on-site qualifier window will need to contact one of the Tournament Organizers for an exception. Remote qualifiers are submitted through the provided Google Form. Please include the name that has been registered on so it can be properly linked. The most recently submitted qualifier will be the only one accepted, even if it is worse than a previously submitted set. On-site qualifiers will only be limited to one attempt per entrant, unless time allows. Any entrant that still needs to qualify will have higher priority than players that want to re-attempt qualifiers to practice for the tournament. For any qualifier ties, higher seed will be awarded to the player that submitted their score first.

Card Draw

All sets up until The Final Round will have songs determined via 5-card-draw format, with the songs determined via randomizer. The player with the higher seed will first determine either machine preference, protect order, or veto order. The lower seed then chooses between the two remaining options, and whatever decision is left is given to the higher seed. The five songs will then be provided, and the player with protect priority will select a song to mark “SAFE”, solidifying it as part of the set. The other player will then choose their own song to protect. The player with veto priority will then choose a song to “VETO”, eliminating it from the set, followed by the other player’s veto. The “SAFE” songs and the remaining song will then be played in the order they were drawn, unless both players agree to play them in a different order.


Card Draw Weights

Card draw weights for difficulty level will increase with each round. How the weights will be distributed will be based on overall tournament participation and will be posted at a later time.


Tournament Progression and Elimination

Each song of a set is considered a match, with winner going to the higher score regardless of clear or crash. The player to reach two song wins will have won the set, and will move on to the next round. If a player wins the first two songs, the player will win the set and the third song will not be played. The player that loses the round will be dropped to Loser’s Bracket, but if the player is already in the Loser’s Bracket, they will then be eliminated from the tournament.


The Final Round

The Winner’s and Loser’s brackets will continue until there are two players remaining in each bracket, where they will be declared the Final 4. These players will move on to The Final Round, which will follow an arena-type format. Each player will be allowed to pick any song between difficulty levels 18 to 20, resulting in a four-song set. The Final 4 will then each play all four songs, with each song awarded points separately (1st place for a song receives 2 points, 2nd place receives 1 point, and the other two players get no points for the song). The player with the most points will be declared the winner of the tournament.



Tiebreakers will consist of three (3) songs drawn using the same weighted distribution as the match. The player who vetoed second in the original draw will eliminate first in the tiebreaker draw. In the event of multiple tiebreakers, veto order will alternate until a winner is decided.



Am I able to warm up before/during the tournament?

Warm ups will not be built into the tournament format itself. If there are any concerns about getting used to the machines at Round 1, please arrive before the tournament. During the on-site qualifiers, entrants will be allowed to play and/or practice only if there is nobody current attempting to qualify for the tournament.  


What if the machine malfunctioned while playing my song?

If the arcade cab malfunctions during a song, immediately notify the TOs. The TOs will check the status of the cab, and if deemed true, the player will be allowed to replay the song (not the entire set). However, if a player claims a malfunction and the TOs cannot find the cabinet was at fault, the player will be given a loss for the entire set.


I forgot to turn off Excessive Gauge / set my headphone volume / change my speed modifiers or timing offset, etc. can I replay the song?

No. It is the player’s responsibility to check all of their settings before starting the song. Replays will only be allowed for valid machine malfunctions.


How will I be notified that I have an upcoming match? Will I be penalized for being tied up within another tournament at Infinity Stage?

You will receive advance notice when you are in-the-hole (after the players that are on-deck for their match). If you are getting food or unavailable for any reason, you need to contact the TOs as soon as possible. If you do not notify the TOs that you are tied up and your match begins, you will be given a loss by default. With proper contact, TOs will only stall as long as other players can be available for matches and stalling does not hold the bracket from continuing. If your match is starting and is preventing the bracket from proceeding, you will be given only five minutes to arrive to start the match before you are given an automatic loss. Exceptions will only be made for entrants that are tied up by another tournament at Infinity Stage.

I got an EXTrack during my qualifier set! Can I use it to play, or replay a chart?

You may not use EXTrack to play or replay charts for your qualifier.



Version Date Author Summary of Changes
0.1.0 4/29/19 Keahi Initial Ruleset
0.1.1 5/2/19 Keahi Added extra notes to qualifiers and card draw weights
1.0.0 5/12/19 Keahi Added FAQ section. Expanded on remote qualifiers, added contact information.
1.0.1 6/5/19 Spiritsnare Changed song eligibility; all songs and charts that aren’t a part of a cross-game event are now eligible for card draw.
1.1 7/7/19 Spiritsnare Changed qualifier format and qualifying songs and added a clarification on usage of EXTrack in qualifiers; changed tiebreaker format from sudden death to three-card, two-veto draw.